Alexandria 2

Situated on a narrow strip of land between the Mediterranean Sea and Lake Mariotis is an important historical city, a thriving trade port, and a cultural melting pot. Also called the mermaid of the Mediterranean Sea, it was established in the 332 BC by Alexander the Great and carries his name till date. There is a mixture of old and new in this city. There are a range of archaeological and historical sites which include Montazah Palace, Pompeys Pillar supported by an acropolis, the Kom Al Shogafa Catacombs an ancient burial site.

The city has great shopping. The best places are Midan Tarir and Ramla, where you can find local artifacts as well as good international brands. Besides there are many international shopping malls, which caters to the upper segment of the local populace as well as the foreign visitors.

The city also has wonderful beaches. The best are Ma’amura, Montazah, Mandara, Assafra, Miami, Sidi Bishr, San Stefano, Glymonopolou, Stanley, Rushdy, Sidi Gaber, Sporting, Ibrahimia and Shatby. Abu Kir Suburb is one of the calmest beaches famous for fishing and its seafood restaurants.

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